Bzdell Sport Psychology Logo

Logo design by Alex Bzdell, age 11

Bzdell Sport Psychology, founded by Dr. Wally Bzdell, is a consulting practice that specializes in providing comprehensive sport psychology services and mental toughness training for teams and individual athletes.

Doc Wally offers a detailed and effective process that helps an athlete or team effectively and efficiently expand one’s performance potential AND consistently perform to the top level of one’s potential. Doc Wally helps athletes develop habits of excellence and remove obstacles to success; providing performance enhancement within personal development.

Doc Wally works with high-level performers in high school, prep school, NCAA, and the professional ranks. His clients include the 2014 NCAA Division I Hockey National Champion, Union College and the 2015 NCAA Division I Hockey National Champion, Providence College.

Bzdell Sport Psychology has four fundamental components:

  1. Building the skills to develop Core Psychological Strengths (optimism, grit, resiliency, growth mindset, deliberate practice, meaning, and positive relationships)
  2. Building the skills to develop a strong Game-Time Mindset
  3. Helping athletes remove personal and athletic barriers to success
  4. Helping coaches and athletes develop and enhance a culture of achievement
Picture of Doc Wally

Some of the benefits of working with Bzdell Sport Psychology include:

  • Improved quality training
  • Expanding one’s skill level
  • Greater self-awareness
  • Improved focus and ability to refocus
  • Improved energy management
  • Improved emotional management
  • Improved ability to perform under pressure
  • Improved relationships with teammates, coaches, and family
  • Improved ability to manage set-backs and adversity (both in and out of sport)
  • Improved confidence
  • Improved team culture
  • Improved overall performance no matter the competitive circumstances